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We want to enhance our local dishes by cooking each of them upon request, relying especially on seasonal produce.

My nevereding will to experiment and the thrill of the creative effort, due to my artistic vein, challenge me to revisit the classic dishes of the gastronomy of our region and to conceive colorful, funny dishes that satisfy both sight and taste, with a certain penchant for the oily fish of our sea.
And that’s how the oil fish cacciucchino, the bonito from A to Z, the mullet sandwich, the octopus gnocchi and the sambuca marinated anchovies are born: all dishes that have become my warhorses.

On our menu you will also find some meat dishes, like wild boar or cinta senese porker, which are always served with local seasonal vegetables.


Filosofia in Cucina

Deborah and Emanuele

My cooking philosophy mirrors my two great passions, the sea and painting. It also draws inspiration from the culinary tradition of my region, having great respect for the seasonality of the raw material, which comes from nearby areas for the most part.
I adore bread-making and my bread basket always offers various kinds of bakery products: from squid ink bread, to dried tomatoes bread, to anchovies and lemon bread, to olive or walnut bread, to breadsticks and white flatbread pizza.
And, last but not least, I find making desserts and pastry thoroughly enjoyable. I particularly like creating chocolate desserts and ice cream, which I also propose in its salty version, coupled with raw fish appetizers.
My innate curiosity pushes me to discover, to experiment and to move forward with an eye on the past. Therefore, my route is in constant progression and our menu frequently varies, according to the insipiration and the season.

As Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a great gastronomer of the past, argued: The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.
Deborah Corsi



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